Patent Department

Successful business of “AIGI”

AIGI has successfully increased the number of cases handled and sales since 2002, thanks to customer satisfaction based on a high standard of practice and expert knowledge of high-tech. This has led to an expansion of out-going applications to foreign countries.

Strengths of the Patent Department

Cooperation and coordination between Domestic Section and International Section

It is common among patent firms in Japan that domestic section and international section are respectively independent. No coordination between the two results in the practitioners in the international section not being familiar with domestic practices.

AIGI encourages the cooperation and coordination between the Domestic Section and International Section. It is our policy that the practitioners familiar with domestic practices handle cases from abroad. The International Patent Group provides information and advice on foreign practices to practitioners, thus the communication between two sections is enhanced. The group has contact persons for foreign clients with regard to patent cases.

High standard of domestic practice

Good service cannot be provided without a high standard of domestic practice. This same quality is also applied to the cases from abroad. AIGI heavily values the quality of domestic practice and has been working hard to improve it. This effort results in client satisfaction and leads to better performance.

*One example of quality control: The unified AIGI practice guidelines have been prepared by all firm practitioners, and authorized by the president.

Complete legal services in intellectual property law

AIGI places importance on internal teamwork. The patent department understands the importance of the "Trademark Act", "Design Act", and "Unfair Competition Prevention Act," and actively seeks protection afforded by the appropriate intellectual property laws with the cooperation with the Design/Trademark Department.

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