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AIGI is a young firm and our Trademark/Design Department does not have a long history. However, we have been steadily growing since our establishment by gaining regular clients, and have become one of the leading firms in handling trademark and design cases in this region.

We believe our success is due not only to our sincerity and close communication with our clients but also to the unique strong points of our Trademark/Design Department;

Strengths of the Trademark/Design Department

Utilization of know-how in accordance with the latest movements and trends

In trademark and design practices, it is very important to utilize the know-how accumulated by following the latest international movements and trends in appeals/court decisions.

AIGI's strengths in this regard are that the Director of Trademark/Design Department has been a committee member of JPAA for years where she has discussed issues regarding Design and Unfair Competition Prevention and has obtained up-to-date information for analyzing current situations, and all of the practitioners share know-how that has been accumulated by each member.

These strengths underline our rational suggestions, as well as serve to establish efficient and effective strategies in accordance with the actual conditions and in consideration of the client's needs and various factors such as categories of industry, sales systems or directions of business development.

Collaboration and coordination with the Patent Department

In order to protect a product with intellectual property rights, it is necessary to formulate an appropriate strategy, which beings with wide views on all the intellectual property laws and in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in specialized fields. These qualities lead to the best selection of efficient and effective intellectual property law(s).

Therefore, we are fully aware that cooperation and coordination between the Trademark/Design Department and Patent Department are essential to help our clients achieve their goals. We are very active in sharing and exchanging information among our departments. In addition, the Director of the Trademark/Design Department has engaged in domestic and foreign patent practices in cohort with the Patent Department. These experiences in patent practices have been great help towards developing multidisciplinary and comprehensive approaches.


Because AIGI is appropriately sized, we have both of the above strengths in our Trademark/Design Department. You may find AIGI very unique among patent firms in Japan because of these strong points. In addition, we provide supportive advice in cooperation with our Associate Lawyers in relation to legal considerations including the Unfair Competition Act and Copyright Law.

AIGI takes full advantage of these strengths to improve performance in all fields of intellectual property rights.

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