Procedures for Obtaining Design Registration

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Regarding "Japanese Design Application", see columns No.1-6. Information about "Subject of protection", "Grace period", "Claiming priority", "One application per design system", "Set of articles", "Related design", "Secret design" and  "Request of drawings" is provided. Substantial similarity to the 1st application is comprehensively evaluated in the case where a priority is claimed. Regarding "Substantive Examination", see column No.7.  No extension of term for filing an appeal to the Appeal Board.  A request to defer publication can be filed at the time of payment of the registration fee. Regarding "Design Registration", see column No.8. Priority Application Notice of Reasons of Rejection Amendments and/or Arguments Decision of Allowance by Examiner Decision of Rejection by Examiner Examination by the Appeal Board Decision of Allowance by the Appeal Board Decision of Rejection by the Appeal Board Appeal to the IP High Court

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