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AIGI Intellectual Property Law Firm

“AIGI” is coined from “Aichi” and “Gifu”, which are the names of two major prefectures in the Chubu area or midland Japan. This name expresses the firm's intention of basing operations around Nagoya in the Chubu area. AIGI enjoys good access from abroad, taking advantage of the nearby Nagoya Station, which is 30 minutes from Chubu Centrair International Airport or 100 minutes from Tokyo Station via the Bullet Train.

AIGI boasts not only abundant experience and practical ability but also flexibility in serving our clients. These merits have led to a good reputation amongst clients and an appropriate scale in the number of cases handled and human resources. These merits have further led to the great robustness of the firm. AIGI has continued to grow even in this recession triggered by the so-called Lehman Shock. This robustness is testimony to the performance of AIGI in delivering high quality and customer satisfaction.

AIGI has already constructed a system for handling patent cases in every field of technology. Additionally, AIGI has attorneys specialized in trademark and design who can provide advanced legal services in these fields.

AIGI aims to enhance globalization by offering legal services under Japan's Intellectual Property Law to foreign corporations and firms. AIGI hopes to establish a cooperative system with intellectual property attorneys/agents all over the world, in support of a global society.

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President YAMADA Tsuyoshi.